It pays to put Morataya & Associates' Debt Fighters in your corner

Get results with financial advice from Morataya & Associates' Debt Fighters.
Get results with financial advice from Morataya & Associates' Debt Fighters.

At Morataya & Associates you will:

  1. receive the most honest, professional advice
  2. learn all your options – not just loans or bankruptcy
  3. obtain thorough solutions for your specific case
  4. end your money worries
  5. receive personal guidance throughout your process
  6. be treated with dignity and respect
  7. regain your peace of mind
  8. receive budget and credit counselling advice to plan your financial security
  9. not have any more creditor calls, lawsuits or garnishments
  10. drastically reduce stress

In many cases, a lack of knowledge is the key reason why people suffer financial problems.

The more you know about your financial options, the better able you'll be to make educated decisions that move you closer to a debt free future. We will work with you. We will do a thorough analysis of all your options and develop realistic solutions that meet your needs.

"Able to resolve my financial problem"

I was going out of my mind because of my financial situation. I was having problems with my wife and I almost lost my marriage, but thanks to Morataya & Associates and the way they assessed my situation, so professionally, so honestly, I was able to resolve my financial problem; I now enjoy my family at its fullest and without debts!

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