Three best reasons to choose Morataya & Associates:

  1. Education. Learn our 11 MONEY MANAGEMENT TIPS and how to easily integrate them into your life. It is the simple, easy way to get on the road to financial recovery.
  2. Empowerment. Knowledge of your options and a sound plan of action empower you to take back control of your financial life and improve your cash flow.
  3. Relief. Get instant relief from the stress and anxiety of mounting debt and collection calls. You can expect sound and realistic solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and throughout the process you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing we are bound to protect your rights at all times.

People Helping People

Reduce your small business debts - Toronto
Get out from under the stress of debt. Morataya & Associates gives you the tools and guidance to help find relief from your financial problems.

Many people get into debt for a variety of reasons – often due to circumstances beyond their control. Morataya & Associates is all about people helping people get the debt relief they need.

The fact is, particularly in these tough economic times, everybody needs financial help – it's the family struggling to make ends meet, the single mom or dad often forced to rely on credit cards to pay for the necessities of life – it's the successful entrepreneur or business owner going through a rough spot trying to manage the business – it's even everyday people who get caught in the credit card trap – the plastic trap of buy now, pay later.

The good news is, regardless of the individual or the family, or the situation – there are caring debt relief specialists who can help resolve your debt – at Morataya & Associates we understand what you're going through.

You may be like many people in debt, feeling like you're stuck, not knowing where to turn. We know that you will feel less pressure and begin to breathe a lot easier just by taking the first step of learning about your debt options.

Finally, imagine what it would feel like to be debt free – either through a consumer proposal, a bankruptcy or by taking positive steps to get out of debt on your own with our guidance.

Regardless of your situation, we're here to help you.

Take advantage of your FREE private and confidential debt analysis. Waiting won't make your money problems go away. You may even end up with fewer options that you have today. So don't wait another day.

Help for individuals and families...
Help for small business owners

Check Don't wait – the sooner we speak, the more options you have
Check Discover ALL your options – not just loans or bankruptcy
Check Eliminate or reduce your debts professionally

"Solution to my financial problem"

A friend of mine recommended me to Morataya & Associates to help me find a solution to my financial problem, and I am now so grateful with her since she guided me into good hands. Morataya & Associates helped me so much. I placed all my debts into only one. I recommend you to visit Morataya & Associates today so you can stop worrying over your debts; you will be in good hands.

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