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Solve your money troubles with a family debt relief plan. Solve your money troubles with a
family debt relief plan created by
Morataya & Associates' Debt Fighters.

There is a good reason why Morataya & Associates Debt Fighters has helped thousands of people with financial problems achieve millions of dollars in debt relief. Of course, you need to understand what you are doing.

Morataya & Associates, Ontario's most trusted name in debt relief, has already served thousands of people seeking debt relief information and resources needed to make an informed decision for themselves or their families. Depending on your situation, Morataya & Associates could help eliminate interest rates, waive late fees & penalties, lower monthly payments – or even settle CRA debt for substantially less than you owe.

Receive a free customized debt relief analysis

It is important to understand that, just as no two debt situations are exactly alike, no single debt relief solution will best meet the needs of every individual, family or business. At Morataya & Associates you will receive a free customized debt relief analysis and you will be explained how each debt relief option works.

For many people in need of relief, a free debt analysis is the first step in finding a proven debt relief solution that not only helps to reduce or settle debts, but also saves you a significant amount of money.

You also need to have answers for the usual questions:

We give you the answers.

We educate you on all the options available for people who have personal debt, business debt – or both.

But what really sets Morataya & Associates apart from other debt relief companies is the care and understanding we bring to every assignment. Read our many success stories and you will see for yourself why Morataya & Associates is one of the most successful and fastest growing debt relief companies in Ontario.

You don't want to go to some big corporate office and be treated like a number. And you don't want to be talked down to, either. You just want someone who will understand – and that is exactly what you get with Morataya & Associates.

Why wait? Call now and put Morataya & Associates Debt Fighters in your corner. There is no cost or obligation and your call will be kept completely confidential.

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"Gave me all the attention"

Morataya & Associates gave me all the attention and the assurance needed to overcome my debt problems. I do not regret following their advice precisely.

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